AdHeed(available soon)

Attention on the core for campaign success


About AdHeed

Attention – is a new IAB-recognized metric that measures how engaged or focused an individual user is on an advertisement. Attention metrics are to measure whether someone is able to absorb an ad’s message.

Attention measurement comprises the tools and practices by which brands can measure the duration or quality of attention paid to advertising content by recipients. „Attention is a consumer looking at or listening to an ad at the time they were exposed to it. A typical base measure for attention is time, and attention measures can be used in different media contexts…”: IAB UK. See more

This goes beyond traditional metrics like impressions and views, providing insight into the quality of engagement and campaign efficacy.

The EDGE NPD team has taken up the challenge of accurately and, above all, financially effective measurement of the Attention metrics in the digital world.

Results (AdHeeD service) coming soon.