Navigating digital world

ABTPulse, using AI and human experts, identifies emerging narratives gaining traction BEFORE news stories get written. This gives the client a chance to disrupt negative narratives before they go viral using strategic communication tools.


Online manipulation

Online manipulation is flourishing. Malign actors are amplifying socially divisive and false narratives to: undermine trust in institutions and brands,  increase reluctance towards companies, worsen sentiment towards people or phenomena, encourage conflict and sow division in society,

Manipulated internet traffic

Manipulated internet traffic (positioning and promoting various narratives) and activity by fake social media accounts on a variety of platforms promoting discord is a major threat to institutional and brand reputation.

Reaction time

On current timeframes, even when malicious activity is detected after it has gone viral, it is often too late to avoid the consequences. Reaction time is critical for managing crises, both from public safety and strategic communications perspectives.

Why ABTPulse

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