theStore is a virtual studio 3D for fast prototyping of trade and category management concepts, consumer pretests, advanced analytics and training of sales force.

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About theStore

theStore3 is an advanced virtual reality platform allowing to simulate the real shopping experience

theStore3 combines advanced gaming techniques of simulating virtual environment with expertise on research, modeling and analytics.

It is a great substitute for in-store experiments conducted in real life, with no real-life business risk and allowing for a fast and flexible way of testing alternative scenarios and hypotheses without involving retailers.

TheStore3 enables to:

Capture the role of an exposition while maintaining the influence of the store environment (planogram, producer's portfolio visible on the shelf, competitive environment)

Capture the value of various product features that can only be seen in a shelf context

Other functions:

With theStore3 retail lab you can easily modify the space in the store and use it as a great tool to build your planogram base. The planogram format is compatible with the standard formats of the biggest developers of such software. Thanks to theStore3 you can use your previous planograms and operate at an unprecedented level of interactivity and comfort.

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