What is Understand?

Edge underStand is a device for anyone who needs to monitor the weight and location of assets. It is an intelligent self-suffi cent cient remote telemetry device. It collects and processes weight, temperature, hu-midity, light intensity and location data in real time allowing you to easily track your assess. It has a form of
a 600×400 display pallet and is equipped with it’s own power source but can be implemented into custom platform designs per customer request.
UnderStand is an Internet of Things hardware and software solution. It collects and processes data from POSs in real time allowing you to assets the results of promotions and pretest promotional activities. It measures KPIs, taking into account the entire purchasing funnel, including traffic, consumer interest, and product turnover. It also monitors operational elements related to sales (such as the distribution of sec-ondary placements).


  • Instant collection and reporting of data that constitutes a basis for detailed conclusions about the results of promotions.
  • Pretests of promotional activities that let you determine the value of ROI and the investment’s break-even point.
  • The measurement of KPIs is linked to the entire purchasing funnel from traffi c, through interest, to product turnover.
  • You can set up communication and promotional mechanisms automatically.
  • Defi ne the success criteria for the effi ciency of trade activities (benchmarking, targeting) to adapt your activities to individual stores Track your assets across the world.
  • Monitor operational elements related to sales (secondary placement distribution, stocking up, products missing from the shelf)

Example uses for retail

  • Measure the performance of your merchandisers and compare the results to the standard store shelf.
  • Improve the logistics behind your merchandisers, avoid out-of-stocks.
  • Monitor the geographic and in-store location of your merchandiser.

Example uses for transportation

  • Measure the temperature and humidity of your products in transit.
  • Locate your goods in your warehouse.

How does it work?

Edge UnderStand is a stand alone device equipped with high quality sensors that constantly monitor and measure multiple parameters. Those readings are than transmitted to cloud based server and are available immediately. UnderStand has its own power source and can function up to one year depending on the needed frequency of reporting. Interchangable batteries make it very easy to service the device. With the use of our dedicated API it’s very easy to integrate the device into your existing framework.

For whom?

  • Retailers
  • Manufacturers (FMCG, CPG, Customer Electronics)
  • Service Providers
  • Shopper Insights Managers
  • Category Managers


underStand requires no involvement from the store –
it can be installed on a variety of stands and can provide
both stand-based or shelf-based monitoring

underStand makes it easy to organize and monitor promotions
in real time so you can estimate future profits instantly

the unique architecture of underStand allows you to monitor
parameters such as the effectiveness of shelf product distribution

underStand is integrated in all Edge systems:
theStore, Geo, ProPOSe, VideoAnalysis, and Trade Planner

We help brands win at point of sale

Our underStand solution can help you answer some key business questions, either pre- or post activation:

  • Validating display performance: sales, incrementality and ROI
  • Assessing which version of your display and which creative or communication message works the best
  • Selecting locations or touchpoints which lead to the greatest ROI; measuring diminishing returns with multiple locations
  • Conducting a comprehensive Trade ROI program for estimating the key drivers of display performance, including alternative store locations, SKU portfolio or shelf arrangement, types of displays and communication
  • Analyzing the effectiveness of executing re-stocking and the potential of increased performance
  • Selecting stores for the display campaign that are likely to provide the highest potential

When to use Edge IoT systems

1. Concept design

(what can we do?)
  • new ideas for category management
  • new promotions
  • new pricing strategies
  • new channels
  • new products

2. Demand Planning

(where/ when should we do it?)
  • distribution and sales plans of products
  • distribution and sales plans of trade campaigns
  • investments vs. ROI

3. Execution

(how we can do it?)
  • sales representative training
  • building standards and guidelines
  • knowledge transfer

4. Logistics + Tracking

(let's do it!)
  • targeting clients and consumers
  • POSM placement
  • product distribution

5. Feedback and reporting

(how we did it?)
  • evaluating results
  • KPI
  • learning
  • improvement